Monday, August 29, 2005


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Finally, masuk office after a month… A lot of hick ups… But overall, thank Allah for the blessings, for the life, and for the love that He granted. Thank you so much, without your mercy, I wouldn’t be here today.

E&P was awesome. Something sweet and nice and of course will put a lot of smiles on my face for the entire life. I’ve known few great ppl. Ppl that have been through a lot of Allah’s tests. Sometime, I feel like ive been tested so hard, until I feel like there is no breathe to take. But somehow, other ppl might have been tested more. The key thing is, how we react to the test. It was meant to be there for at least a reason… sign of love from Allah

Dah lama rasanya blog ni x bg tribute to special important ppl in my life. So today, to those few… thank you for being my friend

problem = I feel bad calling you that name because you have such a wonderful name. But somehow, I admire you patience and strength. Uve taught me a lot sis.
anak ura-ura = there is no word to describe how grateful I am to know you. I hope this friendship will last forever insyaAllah.
tambi busat = sungguhpun mulutmu tiada insurans dan telingamu pekak, but your eyes inspire me. Just call me if you need anything, especially regarding babyura.. take care.

last but not least, to the whole group… take care.. thank you for putting smiles on my face.