Tuesday, June 13, 2006

yvonne's talk

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Selawat dan salam buat rasul junjungan.. May everybody is in best health and imaan.

Di kala ramai penduduk dunia bising dan tak duduk diam dek penangan piala dunia di German, umat Islam di Palestin juga tidak duduk diam dek hingar bingar bedilan bom dan misile Israel.. janji tinggal janji..

Sports have been identified as one of the 5S weapon that the Zionist will use to attack and conquer the Muslims. Part of the qhawzul fikr (peperangan pemikiran). And after 4 years of planning, they made it happen again in Germany.

The power of words..

Ahad lalu, saya ke IIUM PJ, attending Yvonne Ridley’s Captive the Media: Exposing the Western Media Web talk. She’s a jounalist, a british, was captured by the Taliban susulan dari September 11. Reverted to Islam after released by the Taliban regime.

Yvonne’s talk touched and inspired me a lot. Some of us can’t help ourselves from crying. Hopefully we appreciate every breath that Allah has grant us. And the most important thing is, we appreciate for every breath as a Muslim. People like Yvonne has to travel all the way through Afganistan, being “captured” and finally mengucapkan the kalimah syahadah. But we sometimes we forget that we have to commit to the testimony of faith everyday and every single second in our life.

The most brutal evil regime that hated women…
One of the best descriptions that has been successfully portrayed by the Western Media to the whole world when talking about Taliban. As much as Yvonne’s talk had touched me, yet the whole western media is constantly use the power of media that the have to control and manoeuvre our mind towards their interest.

Which reminds me, to brush up writing.

Jaga diri, hiasi peribadi…