Tuesday, August 08, 2006

xian china

Assamualaikum warahmatullah

May everybody in best health and imaan. Thank Allah for the very best opportunity He had given me. Being the youngest participant in the 4D seismic Applied Technology Workshop held in Xian China, was a great opportunity. Learnt a lot both technical, and soft skills.

Chinese has a long history of ketamadunan. Which I don’t feel like quoting any. The great mosque (one of the oldest mosque in China, aged 1300 years) is one of the main attaction in Xian,China. Bukti menunjukkan islam telah menapak di China berkurun yang lalu. Para sahabat telah lama ke datang ke China melalui laluan sutera.

I was surprised when (Xuri – one of the committee member) said that Muslim is the largest community in the whole China. Especially at the west until the city of Xian. Then when communist overruled china, no other religion can come in especially Christianity. That’s why islam stays there. So it wasn’t hard for me to find halal food.

They are fathers and mothers

Being the youngest in the group gives you an advantage to listen to fathers and mothers. Each one of them wants the best for their children. No matter how good you are when you’re talking about complicated technical stuff there always and always be a soft spot in your heart especially when it touch about love and children..

Ada yang home schooled their kids. Part of the reason is because the husband is always away.. and they travelled a lot. But main reason is to monitor their children’s moral behaviour. Another senior manager was great when she talks about her family and children. One of my question to these people… how do you manage yourself and your family. And again the favourite answer that I always get is… communication and understanding.

Being the youngest and single in the group always gives you another advantage… hehe somebody might have mistaken that you have a good potential in this so called oil and gas business..(yeah right) guess what, I was verbally offered a job. Well with only a year experience I was offered either being a geologist or geophysicist at least doubled my current salary… and times it by at least 3 (if you want to convert it to Malaysian ringgit)… hmmm pretty good offer but.. hey haven’t you have a debt to pay to the country???

And the person who actually offered me that job was also considered to be hired by my current company… well, oil n gas is a pretty interesting business kan.

Do we speak the same language???

Part of the main concern in the workshop is how to integrate multidisciplinary teams who consists of geophysicist, geologist, reservoir engineers, economist etc. for example.. Geophysicist… our language is Hz, Amplitude, Frequency, phase etc. While the reservoir engineers are talking about porosity, saturation, pore pressure etc. How can we understand each other???Which reminds me of the book Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Again, are we speaking the same language???

It is so crucial for us to understand other people’s language.Which also reflects that it is very crucial to understand Arabic, since it is the language of the Quran. On the other hand, shows how crucial it is to understand our madu’ language so that when we talk about islam… it is not just solat.. puasa and haji… so that when we talk about islam it is not just a hard religion full with obligations religion rather than selamat… dan membawa rahmat ke seluruh alam…

Akhir kata…Jaga diri hiasi peribadi