Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Breastfeeding Journey: Part 1 - The first week.

The first week is the most crucial week as it marks the first starting point to your breastfeeding journey. Tuan Haji abi was the main supporter towards our success, Alhamdulillah. so, here some tips especially to first time mothers.

Labor is something you cannot describe. Every individuals will face different challenge. But all these challenges will contribute to your emotion. Something that could ease the emotional changes. Read stuff about breastfeeding. Know what to expect ie mature milk will not come out exactly after the baby pop out, is a great help.

You'll probably have your parents or parents in law of makcik or whoever who tell you... oooo susu tak dek.... etc. this is not helpful. Please let mr. hubby know and understand and really into breastfeeding, and he'll insyaAllah will support you.

3. Milk is produce in YOUR MIND.
Convince YOURSELF that you have milk. Allah provide you the milk for the baby. Then just your milk being produced. I started pumping at 4am the first 3 days after birth. I got 2 ounce just to prove to people, and actually myself that I HAVE ENOUGH MILK!

4. Maybe dont do everything at once.
This is especially true to baby boy. We had Amir circumcised when he was 12hours old. And when we arrive home from hospital, we forgot to check his diaper, and he's originally very good circumcised now dah luka. And he started crying n crying n crying none stop because of the pain i presumed. And when that small baby cries all the time he'll get all these kembung and all. and then make it worst. So, if you really think on focus on one thing at a time, maybe wait till after the pusat came off, and he has established his feeding just do the circumcise... heheh

5. Tahnik
This is the prophet sunnah. It provides the baby sufficient energy after birth. Give a little time to mother to wait for the mature milk.

6. Know why he is crying.
Crying doesnt necessarily means hungry. Check his diaper, or maybe semut, know your baby.

7. Air zam zam
But when he cries for milk, and your mature milk hasnt came out yet, get some air zam zam. Doa. And insyaAllah he'll survive with that. Amir alhamdulillah were only feed with air zam zam the first 3 days he was born.

8.Give yourself a space especially when he is crying
I noticed baby will continuesly cry if the one who is holding him is not calm. At least it is true with Amir. When he cries, maybe better to give him to someone calmer and pujuk him. When he settled down, take him back, and try to breastfeed him.

9. Feeding through feeder cup or spoon.
When a desprately hungry baby were a few times failed feeding directly from his mother. A bottle feeding will only make things worst. This desprately hungry baby will immidiately register the only source to food is bottle. And he will totally reject direct feeding afterwards. So if you really need to feed him with formula, do it through feeder cup or spoon. A lot of fairlure strories are because of the bottle.

A friend suggested us to doa even before the baby was born.

That is a few tips. Hope it is helpful. Email me for more private talk if you are shy to ask openly. :)

Take care

Ummu Amir

Long silence - lets update


Blog ini seperti dilupakan. It has been more than a year. I'll post by batches some of the other article that might be useful to some people. but as for a quick update...

Amir is 20 months now. He is progressing very well. I've graduated from pumping at work officially 2 weeks ago. And alhamdulillah, Amir has been fully breastfeed for 1 year and 18 months. Alhamdulillah, we manage to introduce formula to him. Slowly, he'll insyaAllah be independant from the direct feeding as well.

He is always energetic. We took turns to entertain him. But mostly Tuan Haji Abi did it. He is constantly come out with new ideas. Extreamly smart and cheeky at times. He loves books. Especially the one with great pictures. He recognise a few hijaiyah alphabet already. But his favorite ones is "ba".

We are expecting another bundle of joy insyaAllah in July next year. I am not coping very well yet. With the unpredictable sickness and mood swing... and M syndrome. Hope this will over soon. Tuan Haji abi is very helpful as usual. Amir is coping well jugak with the changes. He is slowly accepting the new role (hopefully).

and my new resolution. to be more istiqamah in updating the blog. heheh.