Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Along and adik

They look alike kan. Well siblings....


Turns out that Aisyah constant vomitting is not normal. At first I thought she was overfed but when we see the peaditrition he confirmed that she has gastroesophageal reflux that is quite common among babies. She underwent the barium swallow test straight away after dr. Musa seeing a forceful vomit.

He recommended aisyah to be home care to avoid further complications. He issued 2 types of medication. She was on both for two days but now I've stopped both since she is still vomitted. So, we decided to give her virgin coconut oil and see how it goes.

I'm on unpaid leave now. But the application hasn't been approve yet.

Please make dua for her that she'll outgrown it soon

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Stay at home mom.... I like

Alhamdulillah on July 25, Aisyah was born. Bring new joy to our small family. She is relatively easy going baby. Pregnant to her was easy and with Menggatal discovery, it was a blessed. Giving birth to her was masyaAllah... With the power of dua from akhawat it was easy alhamduluillah. And she is easy to raised besides the constant vomitting that worries me now.

And after pantang I've decided to have Amir at home as well. It is so much fun. Day one we do some art and craft, day two was another art and craft, day three basuh toilet, day four kemas rumah, and the list go on. Amir do his iqra as well and coloring and reading together, and playing together, subhanallah how I missed my son. He's pelatness were reduced so much. It's not umi n abi anymore that understands Amir.

Home is for the mother. The kids should be raised at home from the hand of a mother. At least that is what I think right. Do I miss working?Not yet at the moment. The unpaid leave application is on the way. Hopefully it will get approve. I just don't understand how an UNPAID LEAVE (well u are not getting anything from them for not being at the office kan) requires so much justification.

"if it is not urgent, please come back to the office as soon as ur maternity leave"

Well what is more urgent than family.

O Allah, if being at home is the best for me... Make it easy for me. Please take care of my children whenever I am.

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