Thursday, April 02, 2015

My Leadership Series. - come with recommendations not empty handed.

This is the board that I sees everyday at the office. I surely will miss this board, but insyaallah I'll find ways to create the same at home or at the new office. 

It basically has some inspirational/leadership quotes from various leaders in the organization. So for my own reference and benefit of others, I'll elaborate them. So the first one that makes into the board is..

Come with recommendations not empty handed.

Very so often when we meet our boss or even naqibah we dwell so much on the problem. Easy way out we meet them for solutions. But a good leader is a person who always think on solving problems. 

"Make it a habit whenever you meet your boss you are coming with recommendations" (notice the s)

The kampung boy story...
I would like to quote Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim story when he wanted to propose ASB.

He met the PM at that time was Tun Mahathir. He obviously nail the rational behind ASB. Now comes the implementation part. He wants to make it so easy even the kampung people could get access to it, by just using passbook. This means upgrading the post office system entirely from paper to computerize system.

Tun said yes to his proposal and asked so what is the next step. He then handed him a letter to dato seri Leo Moggie the menteri tenaga, telekomunikasi n multimedia at that time - saying an instruction to upgrade pos Malaysia's system for tun's signature.

I just think that this is brilliant. Thinking upfront what to anticipate and making ur life and ur bosses life so easy. 

And with leaders in the company, I think giving them options are the best part to get at least one of your proposal approve and most important thing is to get the fund. Better is if you could relate it to financial exposure and the monetary benefit to it. Yup why not crunch in some NPVs and POS. Some people are more comfortable with numbers to make decisions. 

So all the best on your recommendations.

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